A CLEAR MISSION. A distinct Approach.

Uplifting Artwork - One at a Time.

Solo Find exists to bring hope to a troubled world. Our mission is clear: find hope and remember. Finding hope in the anticipation of better days to come, as well as, remembering the best times and places of our lives brings us great satisfaction. That is why we are here.

We also know that souls are healed and hearts are touched one at a time. Our best memories and hope-filled dreams are made one by one. The importance of the individual and the model of "one by one" drives everything we do here.



One Piece at a Time


There is too much clutter in the world. Solo Find helps to simplify your life. If you prefer to get mired down in the mass of thousands upon thousands of artworks most of which do not inspire you, then this is not the place for you. We curate and offer one fine emotion-connecting artwork at a time. We also operate on the principle that individuals are found and helped one by one.

Consider how a solo art show displays the work of one artist at a time.  Well here, we do that and more.  To simplify the purchase experience, we feature the artist and we offer just one artwork at a time. That artwork can be obtained in original form - if you are fast enough.  Or it can be obtained in our popular limited edition prints - but act fast - more on that below.



Remember the Best Times


We often feel at peace, our minds are clear and we feel hopeful for the future, when we slow down to take time away from the busyness of life. Often this happens when we spend time outdoors alone or with loved ones, being uplifted and inspired within the beauties of nature. Because we can easily forget these experiences and lose much of the peace, clarity of mind and hope that come with them, our mission is to provide an emotional connection to the hope-filled memories created while slowing down to enjoy life and loved ones and to inspire the joy of a hope-filled tomorrow.

Uplift another. Find hope yourself. Find your soul. Remember. Solo Find.



Only Once and Gone


Some of life's best opportunities come only once - and then they are gone.  The time we have with our loved ones are to be cherished - don't miss an opportunity to spend a little extra time with those you care about. If you have noticed, when we miss an opportunity, it is harder to get it back.

Our business operates on that principle. Just like our artwork is offered one at a time, so too, our artwork is offered for an extremely limited time - usually for only a few weeks at time. But that is not all, each week the price goes up - so act quickly. Just like life, the sooner we act, the easier time we have.